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Ян Хаванский

(Yan Khavanskiy)

 Developer, Blockchain Evangelist
CEO, ListedOn

Head of R & D at Colibri Group

Education: Moscow State University, faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics.

Business experience: 15+ years of experience in the field of information technology. Previously, he was a co-founder of VideoPeople and Apps.Markt. At present, the CEO of Coindar and ListedOn. Cofounder Colibri Group. Coindar is a media partner of a number of conferences in the Netherlands, Switzerland, Israel, Russia, France and other countries.

​In 2017, he created the world's first cryptographic calendar, Coindar. Leading industry media such as TheNextWeb,, CryptoPolitan, CoinDesk,, ForkLog wrote a review or mentioned Coindar. More than 100 cryptocurrencies have their own representations on the site.

Director of strategy for Bingbon in Russia and the CIS.

Partner and Investor: IOST, DxChain, GXChain, IoTeX and other successful startups.

CVO CyberVein , CVO Bingbon Russia and CIS.

​Blockchain Evangelist, developer of popular solutions, member of the all-Russian organization "Support of Russia".

Moscow Financial And Industrial Academy, Management. Co-founder of Astral ASC, Blockchain Advisor. Speaker of the Federal tax service.

Ник Аникин

(Nik Anikin)

Business experience 9+ years in B2B sector (Management Consulting, telecommunications, Audit). Former co-owner and founder of Digital Telecommunication Systems. Co-founder of "Astral KKM" and co-Creator of the site

Speaker and consultant of the Federal tax service on the work of commercial equipment, under the Federal law 54 (2018). He studied with the best business experts, such as: Stephen Covey (Stephen R. Covey), Gleb Arkhangelsky, Radislav Gandapas, etc. In 2010 he headed the business unit of JSC "Organization of Time" Gleb Arkhangelsky.

In the Blockchain industry since 2017. Member of the Advisory Board  Republic. Works with projects such as ARPA, Waltonchain, Algorand, etc., the Innovator and active supporter of promoting blockchain technology to business in Russia and the CIS. CEO of Colibri Group, Co-Founder "Astral KKM" | Virakass,

He took part in consulting projects on introducing Time Management systems for clients: Megafon, ROSNO (as part of "Alliance"), KPMG, Ernst & Young, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC), Deloitte, Absolut Bank (as part of KBC) and others.

Джеймс Ким

(James Junwoo Kim)

CSO / Co-founder Cross Angle


James is a strategy & investment expert: he was a trader for, and later moved to the corporate strategy division of Samsung Electronics, then served as an investment & business development specialist at NXC, the holding company for the largest gaming giant in Korea. His last spell was as the managing director of NXC’s venture arm, NXVP, where he travelled the world to conduct investments and business deals related to crypto.

Although he participated in acquisitions of many exchanges, the lack of reliable information related to crypto assets had held him back from making further commitments. He co-founded CrossAngle to solve that very problem.

Economist, businessman.  

Founder of Astral KKM, Virakass. Expert in commercial equipment.

Speaker of the Federal tax service.

Денис Горячев

(Denis Goryachev)

Business experience: 10+ years in the B2B sector, Previously worked with taxpayers of the "Largest" category (Aeroflot, Duty Free, Oil and Mining metallurgical sector). 

In Commerce since 2010. Founder and co-founder of several successful projects: Astral KKM, Virakass. The owner of the resource Astralmarkt. ru (since the beginning of 2018, more than 7,300 trade transactions have been made through this resource for the purchase of commercial equipment for business and even more customers have received competent advice).  

The official representative of CJSC Kaluga Astral (one of the largest IT companies in Russia).  Led the development of original commercial equipment for the "luxury" business segment.

Speaker and consultant of the Federal tax service on the operation of commercial equipment, under the Federal law 54. Advises business and promotes the development of new technologies for business in Russia. Services of Denis Goryachev Group of Companies annually, on a regular basis are used by more than 2000 organizations and businessmen.

Егор Афанасьев
(Egor Afanasev)


expert in strategic planning

Business experience: 18+ years in the B2B sector. Economist, expert in strategic planning. Consultant for working with key Federal clients of global companies (from the list of TOP 200 private organizations in Russia according to Forbes). 

Blockchain Investor, Member of the Colibri Group project group, active participant in communities: Waltonchain, Hyper Speed Network, ARPA. Makes an invaluable contribution to the development of Blockchain projects in Russia, including in relation to 5g, Smart_City, IoT and RFID (radio Frequency Identification) technologies within the Colibri Group project group.

Jurisprudence. Investor. Co-founder of Astral KKM, Virakass

Назарий Струценко

(Nazar Strutsenko)

Business experience: 10+ years in B2B.

Currently co-founder of Astral KKM, Virakass. Head of The legal support Department at Dictum Factum.

​Expert in the field of marking and commercial equipment. Speaker and consultant of the Federal tax service of Russia on labeling and commercial equipment.

​Investor, Member of the project group "Colibri Group", active member of the communities: Waltonchain, ARPA. It makes an important contribution to the development of Blockchain projects in Russia, in particular, in relation to RFID (Radio Frequency Identification - RFID) and Multiparty Computing (MPC) technologies within the Colibri Group project group.


Дмитрий Шевченко
(Dzmitry Shauchenka)

Lanzhou University. Linguist, Director of international communications at Colibri Group

10 years of professional experience, lived and worked in China for 7 years. Served for Waltonchain for more than 3 years. Worked with popular blockchain and crypto projects from CoinMarketCap Top 100.

Director of International Communications at Colibri Group
Participates in the development of projects by Colibri Group and partner companies

Энзо Ван
(Enzo Wang)

Master Of Management,

University Of Edinburgh.

General Manager

in China

He graduated from the University of Edinburgh with a master of management degree.

He has a higher investment and management practice in the field of blockchain technologies, education, and multimedia projects.

Strategic experience in large multinational corporations such as Intel and Hamburger Hafen.

Rich experience in consulting and management in the field of corporate strategy and development.

Виктория Ван
(Victoria Wang)

Regional Director of the HotBit. 

Co-Founder VKblock. Representative of Colibri Group in China and Asia.

Chinese PR | Marketing

Regional Director of the HotBit exchange.

Co-founder of VKblock, representative of Colibri Group in China and Asia. Chinese PR / Marketing. Since 2017, it has been investing in bitcoin and the blockchain industry. Previously, she was the Director of such successful projects as: BHD and TFDao. Opinion leader in China.

Works with the Russian and Chinese markets. Represents Colibri Group in China. Advisor and consultant for a number of blockchain projects.

  • International Blockchain Consulting


  • Exchange agents and market makers


  • Integrated Management of Communities


  • Communities Management


  • Blockchain DeFi

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