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Сергей Севанцян

(Sergey Sevantsyan)

International Public Keynote Speaker, host and moderator of events, Blockchain Evangelist, co-founder of Colibri Group


Mastermind and leader of the Think Tank Community. Interviewer. Business intermediary. Popular international speaker, host and moderator of events, mentor. Blockchain Evangelist, CITO.

Manager for investment relations and relations with the international community.

CIO Cellframe, founder of DAO CIO, DAO MBA.

​Co-founder and head of international communications at Colibri Group.


The Creator of the content. Author of popular programs on the topics of DeFi, AI, Blockchain, IoT, Networking, etc. It has extensive connections all over the world.

Partner of Ethereum.Moscow

Sergey Binance
Sergey Binance


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Blockchain Life 2019
Sergey Binance
Sergey Binance
Sergey Binance