Communities Managing

Integrated community management of projects

Automation: Content's, SMN, Marketing Processes

Professional Management of SMN Communities:

Medium, Reddit, Twitter, Youtube, Facebook & others

Special Point Promotion from our partners:, Blockchain Life 2020,

HeartBIT Asia, Colibri Advisory Board, 200 + media partners

Professional Management Of Telegram Communities

We have Our own wide audience all over Russia (mainly state and commercial structures, the B2B sector).  We have been working on the main operational business for more than 15 years, we are speakers and consultants of the Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation (on commercial equipment), our employees conduct events for taxpayers (businessmen) in tax inspections and other state institutions. We support the idea of global "smart" development and use our main operating business in Russia to reach an audience from the Public and Commercial sectors. In turn, this encourages us to work only with exceptional and secure projects


To solve complex tasks, We will allocate full-time employees to your startup within the "Your Budget", who will work qualitatively in different directions, developing the startup as efficiently as possible, as their own. Our reputation is confirmed by many years of work with successful projects of the blockchain industry, including projects of the coinmarketcap top 100 rating. 

Our experts focus on in-depth work, development of global partnerships, public activities and individual work with potential investors/clients.

Professional Management Of Telegram Communities

Management at the command level!

Programs from Partners in Telegram:

  • Having your own base of global partners in the Telegram environment 

  • Organization of the AMA, the Q&A and other relevant interactions. (including in Binance, KuCoin, BitHumb, OKEx, and other telegram chat rooms) 

  • Favorable conditions for promotion from Partners

  • Preparing a solid Foundation for launching and promoting a startup, as well as regular support during the entire period

Telegram Management:

  • Creating an internal community infrastructure

  • Formation of the content base and high-quality work on the formation of the community

  • Adapting content to the interests of the community

  • Translate content into more than 50 languages

  • Multilingual support*

  • Regular team work with the community

  • Professional work with clients\investors

  • Providing community members with stable news content and necessary information

* Multilingual support is provided by "native speakers" (we have representatives in China, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam and other countries, as well as in European countries and America)

Telegram Automation:

  • Creating and configuring current main console commands

  • The official a bunch of "Chat Telegram + Telegram Channel"

  • Creating and configuring telegram bots

  • Automating streaming content in Telegram

  • Configuring Telegram with external sources

  • Creating up-to-date high-quality stickers and GIF videos  

  • Ensuring uninterrupted operation 24\7

  • Using professional up-to-date widgets

  • The provision of additional resources

Social Media Networks (SMN) & Working with Design

The effect of a comprehensive solution!

Social Media Networks (SMN):

  • Managing corporate social networks
    (Twitter, Medium, Facebook business page, Reddit,, VK and other popular social networks)


  • Creating and maintaining multilingual social network profiles in the desired countries / regions


  • Automation of social networks
    Publish news in your official media and allow our tools to broadcast this news automatically in all desired social networks around the world


  • Using your own developed resources for effective promotion


  • Teamwork with a high-quality audience


  • Organization of original content and professional translations of official news


  • Attracting partners for global effective promotion

Graphics and Design:

  • Work only with high-quality graphic content


  • Graphic design of the created content


  • Creating key and profile videos


  • High-quality promotion of video content (including involving partners)


  • Youtube promotion by #relevant hash tags 


  • Development and creation of business pitches and presentations


  • Development and Printing of advertising products with your desired design

Mitaps, Hackathons and Related Activities

We look forward to meeting you!

Meetups, Conferences, and Community Meetings:

  • Regular participation in blockchain conferences around the world


  • Extensive connections in Commerce, the state sector, and the blockchain environment


  • Our advisors advise many projects in the sectors #FinTech, #DeFi,
    #IoT, #Blockchain, #BigData #Machine_learning #Telecom & #5G


  • Organization and support of specialized events for Communities


  • Presenting your project at conferences, forums, and other public events


  • Use the best offers from our partner conference organizers


  • Organization of individual business tours and meetings with top managers of leading technology companies


  • Presence of a number of offices in Moscow and the Moscow region and more than 30 representative offices

Associated Activities:

  • Engaging our existing partners, media partners, and professional members
    of the crypto community


  • Attracting our existing partners from the main operating business
    to work on your project


  • Regular work to attract potential partners, media partners, customers, investors and network users


  • In-depth work with the team of your project and priority response in relation to the solution of tasks


  • Development, creation and support of professional Network ecosystems


  • Using a wide range of available tools to improve efficiency


  • Monitoring, analyzing, and working with data

  • Smart Сity & Technology Trends

  • International Blockchain Consulting

  • Exchange agents and market makers

  • Research and Development department (R&D)

  • Integrated Management of Communities​

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