A few facts about Colibri from Wikipedia:


In flight, the ends of the wings describe a flat eight, which allows you to create lift continuously. Colibri wings allow you to make axial rotations of 180 degrees. Small changes in the angle of the wing and tail thrusters allow you to perform all kinds of movements — Colibri can move vertically up and down, back up, fly back down, turn almost in place. The frequency of wing flaps during hovering varies in a wide range: from 30 to 100 flaps per second. Colibri are the only birds in the world that can fly in all directions


Skatch, in a 1973 paper on Colibri, observed that birds start flying before they leave the branch they were sitting on («start flying before it leaves its perch»). As fast as Colibri are able to develop speed, their braking occurs; they fly to the branch at full speed, which is impossible for larger birds. The speed of flight of birds is extremely high. Indicators range from 50 to 85 km per hour, and during short flights - up to 150 km per hour

Metabolism. Colibri during flight have the highest metabolism of all animals – the need to maintain the rapid beat of their wings while soaring and flying fast forward. The heart beats at a rate of 500-600 beats per minute during rest and more than 1000 beats during active flight (their heart rate can reach 1260 beats per minute)

During flight, the oxygen consumption per gram of muscle tissue in Colibri is about 10 times higher than in elite human athletes

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At rest, the respiration rate is 300 times per minute, but in some conditions it can exceed 500 times per minute, whereas a Starling or pigeon breathes about 30 times, and a person breathes 14-18 times

The distance from the tip of the beak to the tip of the tail of the smallest representatives of Colibri is 62 mm — they are the smallest birds on the planet


History of the Colibri Group brand:

The Colibri is unique in its kind. Its uniqueness and amazing abilities have inspired us to create a global brand Colibri Group. We set high goals to be the first in our business, using well-chosen resources to implement a wide range of opportunities. We are distinguished by the highest quality, speed and maneuverability, competence and diligence in our activities, as well as an irresistible desire to participate in the creation of a strong, global high-tech infrastructure, both in Russia and around the world. Our representatives work all over the world, making every effort for the benefit of global technological development. Similar to Colibri, we work in a variety of areas, attracting more and more international

partners and clients

Brand "Colibri Group" was established in 2018 for the purpose of international positioning of a number of organizations that are part of the Colibri Group

Our operational business in Russia has been operating for more than 10 years and is successfully anchored in the market of business consulting, audit, commercial equipment and it technologies. An important milestone for us was obtaining a license from the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation to develop encryption (cryptographic) tools, information systems and provide services in the field of information encryption. We actively interact with both the public and commercial sectors, and show social responsibility by consulting departmental services and the commercial block on competent issues. For some time now, we have been operating the “Federal center for digital support of high-tech entrepreneurship” and a Department with qualified R&d developers. Today, we have a strong and diverse structure of organizations in both the operational business and the blockchain environment

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