The brand "Colibri Group" is created for positioning

and work in the international arena.

Colibri Group 

The Global Brand

Astral BLP 



Federal Partners

Dictum Factum

Group Of Companies

Audit, accounting

outsourcing, consulting


Astral KKM


Astral ASC

Accredited Service Center

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The global brand "Colibri Group" includes a number of organizations:

Operational block

- Sale of commercial equipment (more than 1000 items)
- Maintenance and repair of commercial equipment
- Audit services for business
- Accounting outsourcing for clients
- Consulting for business (including IFRS)

- Interaction with customs services 
- Certified authority for issuing digital signatures
(License of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation for cryptography)
- Federal center for progressive digital support of high-tech entrepreneurship.
- We are accredited in more than 30 representative offices of " My Business"
(working under the state program with the support of the Ministry of Economic Development).

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Blockchain block

International blockchain consulting
- Providing blockchain consultants and experts to organizations around the world

- Integrated Management of Communities

- Attracting funding (Crowdfunding)
- Creating and forming a positive brand image

- Work with exchange agents, exchange representatives, and market makers

- Export \ import of equipment (#IoT #5G #SmartСity & #Technology_Trends)


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The Colibri is unique in its kind. Its uniqueness and amazing abilities have inspired us to create a global brand - "Colibri Group". We set high goals to be the first in our business, using well-chosen resources to implement a wide range of opportunities. We are distinguished by the highest quality, speed and maneuverability, competence and diligence in our activities, as well as an irresistible desire to participate in the creation of a strong, global high-tech infrastructure, both in Russia and around the world. Our representatives work all over the world, doing everything possible for universal technological development. Similar to the Hummingbird, we are working in a variety of areas, attracting more and more international partners. 

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